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Azonic® Terms & Conditions


Legal Disclaimer

We'd like to welcome you to the Azonic® website.

  • You agree to abide by the following terms and conditions if you continue to browse and use our website. Please read them thoroughly before proceeding.
  • Azonic® has its own identity, and our website may refer to us as "we" or "us" at times. The user or viewer of our website is referred to as "you."
  • Links to other websites may be found on our website. These links are solely offered to assist you in finding relevant websites, services, and items that may be of interest to you. They do not imply that we recommend those sites. It is up to you to choose whether the services/products offered on those websites are appropriate for you. Azonic® is not responsible for the website's owners or administrators.
  • The information on this website is generic in nature and is subject to change at any time without notice. Use of our website's materials/information is fully at your own risk, and we are not responsible for any damages you may incur.
  • We make every effort to provide you with accurate information on our website. However, before making any major decisions, please contact us or any other specialists in the industry.

Copyright, IP Rights and Trademark

  • Copyright/intellectual property rights protect materials on our website, such as writings, photos, and music. All of the materials on this site are either ours or have been licenced to us for use on our website by their respective owners.
  • All of the trademarks on our website are either ours or have been licenced for use on our site by the trademark owners. The trademarks on our website that are not owned by Azonic®, such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, are properly acknowledged.
  • Illegal use of this website could result in a lawsuit or be a criminal offence.
  • Any content on the website may not be copied (printed, stored, downloaded), distributed, broadcasted, or tampered with.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions

  • Azonic® reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions stated above at any time. Each time you access the website, you must check them. Be aware that any changes to the terms and conditions will bind you as well.

Data Security

  • Personal information you provide on our website will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Please take the time to read everything thoroughly.

Please get in touch with us.

  • Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our website.

Policy on Cancellation and Refunds

To ensure your happiness, Azonic® relies on this Cancellation and Refund Policy. You may not be satisfied with our services in some cases due to circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, we may issue a refund or cancel your reservation under the following terms.

Filing a Complaint

  • To ensure your happiness, Azonic® relies on this Cancellation and Refund Policy. You may not be satisfied with our services in some cases due to circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, we may issue a refund or cancel your reservation under the following terms.
  • At Azonic®, we will follow through on our pledge to see each project through to completion and to your specifications. In the event that you are dissatisfied with our services, a refund will be considered only if things have actually gone out of hand.
  • If we are unable to reach an agreement on a mutually acceptable solution, you may make a "refund claim."

Refund Eligibility

The Cancellation and Refund Policies for each of our services are clearly outlined below.

Designing a logo, a brochure, or a graphic

Refund in full – If the project's original design style is not accepted or the project is not started, you will be eligible for a full refund. In this case, a full refund policy will be implemented.

Partially refundable - If we fail to produce after receiving approval of the original design style, we will issue a partial refund according to the work we did.

No Refund - If the job is completed, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Web Development or Web Programming

Refund in full – If the project has not been started, you will receive a full refund.

Partially refundable - If we fail to execute the job according to our agreement, we will provide a partial refund. According to the scope of the project, the reimbursement amount will be computed in proportion to the project that has been completed vs. the project that has still to be completed.

No Refund - No refunds are available once the project has been completed and uploaded to the server.

Internet marketing and SEO

We have no influence over the search engines' or directories' policies. Even once the process has begun, becoming featured on some search engines and directories may take longer. Search engines and directories may remove your listing for no apparent or predicted cause in some circumstances. As a result, Azonic® is not liable for any changes made to your website by third parties that may have an impact on your search engine or directory ranking.

Our SEO and internet marketing services necessitate a significant amount of resources and time to develop the best approach, resulting in internal costs. As a result, payments for SEO and other forms of internet marketing are non-refundable.

If you have any questions about our cancellation and refund policies, please contact us.

At any time, we retain the right to amend this policy. As a result, we ask that you examine our policy on a regular basis. Please send us a note if you have any questions or recommendations about this policy.

Note: This Cancellation and Refund Policy applies to all Azonic® - owned websites.

The policy was last modified on December 16, 2021.